flowers 16
video installation 2007

Flowers 16 is a two-piece installation consisting of one object - a house - , and a video- and sound-installation, linked with one another. The house, built of flowers made of barbed wire, is illuminated from inside by an occasionally flickering light bulb. This light throws softly oscillating shadows
of the flower patterns on the wall, giving the impression
of a dance. At the same time barely perceivable
vibrating noises emerge from the house.
A front garden, consisting of a flat screen TV lying on the ground, supplements and rounds off the alleged idyll.
The video shows sequences with a crouching and lurking cat.

Technical equipment:
metal construction, flowers made of barbed wire, 1 light bulb,
1 flat screen TV, 1 video projector, 2 DVD players
videoloop 12 minutes with stereo sound