small forest
installation 2015

Seven trees are made of sand and stand for a landscape which has been altered and built by their industrial use - a landscape, between the end and a new beginning.
An old felled birch served as a model for the work group. The tree trunk I have molded with silicone and the negatives mounted in tubes, in which the sand pressed in. The birch trees lose during the exhibition gradually their characteristic and precise structure, partly dissolve and become sandpile.

7 trunks of pressed sand

Birch1; 48 cm h x 32 cm ø, Birch 2; 92 cm h x 38 cm ø,
Birch 3; 107 cm h x 42 cm ø, Birch 4; 112 cm h x 45 cm ø, Birch 5; 178 cm h x 45 cm ø, Birch 6, 207 cm h x 56 cm ø, Birch 7; 159 cm h x 41 cm ø