dump slope
installation 2014

The three-part installation "dump slope", consists of the wall drawing black flowers II, the video birch and the photographic work landscape VII/pond. It reflects a landscape, which is built on the excavation of the coal-mines around Saarbrücken.
A landscape between the end and beginning.

landscape VII/pond: "The photo is loosely hanging on the wall and shows a landscape that is turned upside. Just as the interior of the mountain was swept outward by mining, the landscape is upside down - shaved - , and the pond is reflecting the green absent flora." (Andrea Jahn)

black flowers II shows black nettle, spotted hemlock and white alyssum dabbed and sputtered with coal dust on the wall, and the video work birch. Plants, which are among the pioneer plants, find their terrain on former industrial sites.

birch: "The work shows the video image of a birch tree in the wind - beautiful and bleak at the same time, the only remaining tree in a sea of deforested strains. "(Andrea Jahn)

black flowers II; coal dust, glue
landscape VII/pond; photographic foil
birch; video loop 6 minutes with stereo sound, monitor